Beerd Brewery

Beerdy Weirdy

β€œTo create exceptional beers you need passion and a desire to experiment – we live and breathe this approach so that we offer something for discerning drinkers to really enjoy.

Beerd Brewery is out to redefine the rules and push the boundaries of beer as we know it.”

Beerd's Head Brewer

Beerd is the bombastic brewery born out of the eponymous destination Craft Beer & Pizza Bar in St. Michael's Hill, Bristol, and an obsessive love for the worldwide phenomenon that is beer.

Beerd brews are unmistakeably Bristolian but international at heart - mixing up traditional British brewing techniques with global trends, unconventional ingredients, unusual brewing methods and creative flair. Our resident mad professors enjoy concocting off-the-wall brews in our East Bristol laboratory.

There are some decidedly challenging taste profiles in Beerd's ever-evolving brewing calendar - from extreme-hopped IPAs to Munich-style Dunkels to super-strength Hefeweizens to Scottish 80 shillings.

The bristling Beerd brewers are on a never-ending quest for the most distinctive and interesting pint, with a multitude of maverick and experimental brews in the works - spend too much time tweaking those whiskers and you'll miss them!

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