Beerd Brewery

Some Beers We Have Grown



Pale Ale

Brewed with Columbus and Chinook hops to give it a good pine and grapefruit aroma with a hint of peppery spice.



American Amber Ale

American and amber and beery and toasty and Ampersand and malty and Admiral and robust and orange peel and spicy and Summit and bitter and balanced and deceptive and Beerded and.

Orange peel and spiciness from Admiral and Summit hops stand out in this balanced American amber ale that is both malty and bitter with a toastiness that belies its colour.




Towering above the mango clouds and the adversaries of the emperor looms the mighty Colossus. With each epic stride from our hero comes victory as the enemies are vanquished in a bitter blood orange bloodbath worthy of legend.

Mosaic and Calypso hops provide massive mango aromas in this big IPA, with a huge grapefruit and blood orange bitterness.

Saisons in the Sun



The first winner of Beerd Brewery's homebrewing competition, HomeBeerd. Created by Bath homebrewer Paul Willies, this is a hoppier version of the Belgian saison style, with added Citra, Motueka, Cascade and Columbus hops to impart a lemon/lime flavour to the beer. It is a very refreshing beer perfect for the hot weather.



American Pale Ale

A triple threat of Summit, Columbus and Citra hops provide a mellow bitterness with strong passion fruit and citrus aromas.

Baron Samedi


Coconut Porter

Baron Samedi is a porter made with toasted coconut. A milk stout sweetness to start, with creamy coconut, chocolate and coffee notes throughout and a contrasting bitter finish.

Contains wheat, barley malt, oats and lactose.



Black IPA

This oxymoronic Black IPA has strong grapefruit and pine aromas with a BIG citrus bitterness throughout.



Citra Hopped Pale Ale

A Citra-hopped ale, full-flavoured and crisp with hints of citrus and tropical fruits and a lemony bitterness that doesn’t hang around. At only 4%, a great session ale.



New Zealand Pale Ale

The fruity, fresh winds of the pale New Zealand mountains invigorate and revitalise, easing the ascent to the summit of Silvertip. Take in the Nelson Sauvin hop aroma on the breeze, before descending into the white wine vineyards below.

A refreshing pale ale using popular New Zealand hops to give it a fruity aroma and a flavour that has hints of white wine. It is easy to drink and has a fresh quick bitter finish.



English IPA

By Jove! I say old bean, the world looks frightfully top notch through this rich, golden beer Monocle. It’s like having a nice cup of tea and a malty bitter biscuit. Blooming lovely spicy floral whiff an’ all that, too. A simply marvellous brew. Tallyho chaps!

A deep golden, very English IPA, using all native ingredients. A subtle biscuity malt body is courteously accompanied by spicy yet floral aromas contributed by Goldings hops.



California Pale Ale

A sun-soaked pale ale lazing away under a gentle pine fragrance, before heading down to Monterey Bay where the party's at - grab some of that tropical cocktail aroma, then let your tongue return to bask under the pines and enjoy a quick sharp bitter finish.

A West Coast style pale ale brewed with American-sourced hops. Pine and tropical fruits on the nose, more pine on the tongue followed by a quick, sharp, bitter finish.



Australian Pale Ale

Breaking the golden shackles bound around its wrists, the Convict plans its escape with an explosion of mango and passion fruit aroma, before scaling the bitter perimeter walls to experience the pleasant aftertaste of freedom.

A golden pale ale using Australian hops, Ella and Galaxy, to provide intense passion fruit and mango aromas and a pleasant, balanced bitterness that doesn’t overpower.



Scotch Ale

A cheeky troublemaker through and through, the crimson Scoundrel can’t be trusted. Whilst he charms you with a smoky, malty flick of his tail, he’ll be picking your pocket of coffee and chocolate hints. Damn rapscallion!

Deep red and full-flavoured, this Scotch ale has smoky roasted malt flavours with hints of chocolate that develop in the mouth, and coffee and chocolate aromas on the nose.



Pirate Porter

The infamous Bristol-born Blackbeerd, most feared of all pirates, plunders the dark, malty Caribbean seas looking for a hidden stash of pirate’s rum. Cross cutlasses with him and face walking the vanilla plank. Ye have be warned!

A rich, dark porter with a satisfying roasted maltiness and appropriately piratey hints of rum, along with vanilla and chocolate notes.



India Pale Ale

Sit back in our creaky leather seat and let the pale barber freshen you up with his full-bodied Razor blade. Lather up with nosey passion fruit, cut, then finish off with honey and bitter orange astringent. Something for the weekend, sir?

A full bodied IPA. An aroma of passion fruit, subtle honey flavours mingle with the hoppiness, then a long, bitter, orangetinged finish.



Single Hop Ale Series

Every batch of this beer will have the same basic Blueprint of a simple crisp and clean malt recipe, identical colour and strength, and a single hop. The only difference each time will be which hop is used. It’s always good to have a plan...

This batch’s hop is BREWER’S GOLD.



Munich Dunkel

If you get lost in the deep dark mines of Munich, the malty and mischievous Kobalt might play tricks on you. It will keep you sweet with hints of vanilla to start, then trip you up with bitter biscuit shenanigans at the end. Will you be fooled?

An intriguing dark Munich dunkel that is initially malty with hints of vanilla, smooth in body with a pleasant bitterness to finish and a biscuity aroma.



Rye Pale Ale

Springing up from the Sahara with an earthy malt sweetness, the golden winds of the Sirocco pass over the Mediterranean Sea, picking up a sharp spicy rye bite before easing down to a breeze with a quick orange bitterness.

This golden rye pale ale has a hint of sweet malt to begin which develops into a sharp, subtle spiciness with a quick orange bitterness to finish.



American Amber Ale

Regular as clockwork, this rusty Pendulum springs to life with a small electric blackcurrant that tingles on the tongue. As the cogs turn and sprockets spin, rose and lychee movements wind up to a long, dry chime.

A balanced rich-coloured American amber ale, with initial blackcurrant notes and a slight pepper-like tingle, and a rose and lychee fragrance accompanies a lingering dry bitterness.



Unfiltered Hefeweizen

Relax – Superweizen! is here to save the day. Wearing its banana ester pants on the outside and its clove cape billowing in the wind, this heroic wheat beer uses its spicy superpowers to fight for truth, justice and the Hefeweizen way.

A naturally cloudy wheat beer, packed full of strong banana and subtle clove aromas and a hint of spice, all characteristic of the Hefeweizen style.



Deutsches Pilsner

Legend says the full-flavoured Phantom only comes out once every season to haunt your tongue. Phenomena include manifestations of fruit and honey, and ghostly apparitions of hops and pine. Exorcise this demon with a crisp, dry finish.

Long-duration conditioned, this full-flavoured German pilsner has fruity flavours combined with hoppy, pine aromas and a satisfyingly crisp finish.

Big Small Beer


Small Beer

Big things come in small packages. The amber oxymoronic Big Small Beer has big flavour, small complexity, big hop character, small ego, big bitterness, small compromise, big finish, small abv. Think Big (but Small).

An amber small (low alcohol) beer, packed full of flavour with floral hops prevalent on the tongue and nose and is a perfect session ale.



American Pale Ale

Fighting for the people, the pale-faced Vigilante strives to right the wrongs of the corrupt establishment with its own brand of Amarillo hop honour. Armed with nothing but quick grapefruit wits and citrus integrity, justice will surely prevail.

A refreshing citrusy straw-coloured American Pale Ale brewed using Amarillo hops to give massive grapefruit flavours and aromas with a crisp finish.

Scotch Ale


with Juniper Smoked Malt

Made in conjunction with beer writer Andy Hamilton as part of his new book, Brewing Britain, this deep red Scotch Ale was brewed using juniper smoked malt and berries.

Expect warm, smoky flavours with comforting sweet roasted chocolate notes.



American Pale Ale

Something strange is lurking in the pale spruce forest of Oregon. Under the unusually malty undergrowth of the wintergreen foliage hides the elusive Sasquatch, the Missing Drink. Catch it before it finishes in the blink of a dry eye.

A malty American pale ale, with a slight sweetness under its hoppy overtone. It has hints of lemon and wintergreen aroma on the nose and a quick, dry finish.

Copper Ale


A copper coloured American Ale brewed using Pale, Crystal, Cara and Munich malts. It’s liberally hopped with three west coast hop varieties, Summit, Calypso and Willamette. The malty base helps to balance the hop bitterness. This beer has a citrus, piney and tropical fruit aroma.

Citrus, pine and tropical aromas mingle with a malty base and US hops creating a well-balanced beer.

Cream Stout


A special collaboration beer with Wiper & True to celebrate Bristol Beer Week.

Creamy tastes with hints of vanilla and sherry. Made with a range of dark malts and lactose sugar to give it a sweet edge.

Mildly Cyrus


Collaboration Mild

A brewing collaboration between Beerd Brewery and Bristol Beer Factory for CAMRA's Mild May.

A cheeky collaboration mild.